Sunday, November 18, 2007

How do Goats Stay Warm in Winter?

Keep Your Goats Toastie Warm in Winter!

Good Grass Hay with no mold fed in late afternoon (or free choice) is the best thing you can do for keeping your goats warm. Grain and sweet feed will not keep them as warm as you may think - the hay will continue to ruminate and keep them warm through the night.

Provide warm water daily for them to take a nice good drink of water that does not force their bodies to have to warm it up inside to body temperature.

Electrolytes in the water in winter is just as important as it is in the summer.

Remember the bucks as they need as much if not more water consumption than the does to help prevent Urinary Calculi.

Do not keep them in an airtight barn as this can create an environment for pneumonia to take hold- protect them from rain, ice snow and wind but allow airflow

and Please Do NOT use Heat Lamps- I have heard far too many sad stores of barns burning up (along with the precious goats within) due to the use of heat lamps.

When all else fails.. Provide them with goat coats!
goatladys goats in goat coats

Or bring the little ones in at night for a nap by the goatie heater

goatladys goats in goat coats

NOW! Those are some CUTE Goats!
until next time-
Goatally Yours!