Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adorable Goat Princess Birthday Card and Postage

As many of you  know, yesterday was my precious BabyGirl's 15th Birthday - her birthday photo was So cute I decided to make it into a birthday card and postage for  anyone who desires to purchase it. :) She is a one of a kind little goat - a miracle goat too - (for those of you who have not yet read her story, Please  take a moment to see why she is so special)  Her name is BabyGirl and her story is Here  make sure to follow all of the links at the pink flowers bottom of each page to see her entire story - you will be glad you did :)
Well on to the cuteness delight of the birthday card I  created :

And the matching Goat Princess postage is here:
Goat Princess Happy Birthday Postage
Goat Princess Happy Birthday Postage by getyergoat
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The text is customizable on both card and postage so if you like to use it for something other than a birthday - feel free to change the text :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goat Shower Curtains by GetYerGoat

Are these cool or What?  I just love them..

This is just a sample of the cute goat shower curtains we now offer at our Cafepress shop - These cute unique shower curtains  are for the ultimate goat lover- you won't find these at Bed Bath and Beyond!