Friday, November 16, 2007

Four Weddings and a…Beer-Drinking Goat?

Many towns can claim that the mayor’s an old goat. Just as many can claim that the mayor sure likes his beer. Not many have the privilege of beer-drinking goat for mayor—it’s true. Clay Henry the III is the political pride and joy of Lajitas and most days he can be found holding court at the Trading Post or in some cases, as a special guest at the groom’s bachelor party! This is only some of the cowboy charm that flourishes at Lajitas, the Ultimate Hideout. From cowboy adventure to sophisticated Texas lure, Lajitas offers something unique for every wedding party. More than you imagined, more than you knew, Big Bend is a rich and rewarding wedding destination. Along the banks of the Rio Grande, amidst the mystic Chisos mountains, there's a legacy of cowboys, a gourmet blend of indigenous ingredients and regional game, and the relaxation of a secluded full-service, luxury resort.

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Question for readers: Would you like to see a goat humor t-shirt with a beer drinking goat?