Thursday, August 17, 2006

Goat Attack Mountain Lion Shot Dead In South Bay

Saturday a mountain lion jumped over Nicky Austin's fence and killed four of her goats. But it didn't end there. Monday night it killed another one.

"I felt helpless and it was a horrible thing to listen to," said Austin. "I don't wish that upon anybody. And that will stay with me forever."

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Goats often times fall prey to Predatory animals and keeping them in an enclosed night time yard close to your house with lights shining onto the yard is helpful.
Personally I would not have waited for a "permit". Years ago, after a lesser attack on one of my goats, I was told by the game dept I could not kill the lion unless it was in the process of attack. The next night after the attack - the young lion returned.. Let's just say I didn't wait..
to have more of my goats injured.
This is a young buck that the immature Mt Lion attempted to pull through the fence by way of his face- 65 stitches. This is the "lesser " attack I mentioned.. This photo is of my goat- I cannot fathom what the Austin family went through listening to their goats being killed. But I'm glad they shot and killed the lion who destroyed their goats.