Tuesday, August 22, 2006

CafePress.com/Get Yer Goat : Snakes on a Plane?

Snakes on a Plane? : Get Yer Goat : CafePress.com: "Snakes on a Plane
New Line and CafePress have partnered to permit fans of the movie to become official licensees of Snakes on a Plane merchandise.
This interactive promotion allows our network of over 2.5 million members to unleash their creativity to transform Snakes on a Plane artwork and ideas into unique gifts and share in the revenue stream.
This completely unique approach to fan licensing, has never previously been embraced by any motion picture studio.
GOATS on a Plane!

Not everyone can handle snakes (Which is why I'm sure this movie was made in the first place!)
But for those who LOVE a Parody! GOATS on a PLANE will fill the bill! There are tons of GREAT Snakes on a Plane (SoaP) designs out there and I encourage you to visit them as well."

A Crazed goat flying plane with Boer Goats looking out the windows of this whimsical plane.. Be a TrendSetter- This design is HOT! And quite the trend with students!