Friday, June 23, 2006

CafePress Shop GetYerGoat™ Takes Back Seat for Kidding Season

I've Been a Baaaa'ad Girl

Well I've gone and done it again- left my poor blog un-updated.
Got busy with kidding season and was so tired at the end of the evening, I just have not posted.
Now how can a person tear themself away from this little darling? Born on Father's Day- Joie is our newest addition! Isn't he just to die for cute?

NOT to say we don't have a few new items for you at GetYerGoat™ WE DO!
Critter Clocks are so much fun and are quickly becoming our most popular items! Priced right at $17.99 you can get one for each room of the house!

Our Summer Sale is extended until June 30,2006!
Select Items at our Cafepress Shop:

Select Items:

* small mug : $2 off
* kids' baseball jersey : $2 off
* men's sleeveless : $3 off
* women's tank top : $3 off
* green t-shirt : $2 off
* trucker cap : $2 off

Sale ends June 30, 2006