Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Goat is Having Babies!

Typical Signs of Early Labor
(Not necessarily in order)

  • Appears restless, shys away from herd

  • Eyes glossy or luminous

  • Paying much attention to her sides and smelling the ground

  • Pawing at bedding or dirt

  • Looking behind her and talking to her sides (typically in a voice you have never heard="mama talk")

  • Talks to you alot as if she is telling you she is getting ready (she is, so listen)

  • Gets dreamy eyed or star-gazy (euphoric)

  • Looks less pregnant than she did before-sides have hollowed out, under-belly is full

  • Lifts tail frequently and urinates frequently, usually not much urine at a time

  • Lays down and gets up more than usual-figidty

  • Udder begins to fill more-looks tight and shiny-teats get full

  • Vulva becomes flabby then looks flat and opening looks longer

  • White discharge (this may or may not happen) changing to an egg-white looking discharge, sometimes may have some blood streaking in it.

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