Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Baby Goats are Wicked Cute

Our Tee of the week at our cafepress shop
Cute pygmy goats- I mean what could be cuter?

It's been a long week on the goat lists- feels like Friday already- Reminder to all goat owners this time of year- if you have to bottle a baby goat- do NOT use replacers of any kind! If you cannot get goat milk then go buy whole cow milk- I have talked with 6 people in the last 48 hours who have lost thier precious babies due to replacer feedings and enterotoxemia- it just is not worth it. The tiny tummies cannot digest the replacers as well as milk (yes even the non soy expensive ones) Just use milk if you cannot get goats milk- trust me on this.. my heart aches for all the families who are in mourning over their babies because someone convinced them to use a replacer instead of milk-

Give those babies a hug for me - nite now