Friday, May 02, 2008

Rottweilers killed my pygmy goat- Spankie

Born March 6,2007 killed by 4 Rotts May 1,2008- my little Spankie (a black and white pygmy wether yearling) and my Spunkie's only kid.
While I was working on my neighbor's (landord's) interior cross fencing fearing "her" goats would get too close to the neighbor's 6 rottweiler's yard as their pasture and Rotts share a fence- 5 of my goats got out and were eating in my front yard (which they do daily and I am within earshot of them at all times even while at the neighbor's) I heard my dogs pitching a fit and then the donkeys started going off. I looked over at my house in time to see my other 3 neighbor's each walking a huge (150lb or better) Rott by the collars while one Rott walked ahead of them (4 dogs in all) coming down my driveway away from my house. I had put up all my goats before I went to feed my neighbor's goats and these 5 had gotten out to eat at the hay in my front yard. The neighbor's Rotts got out while and ran across 3 yards to get to my goats (according to her faster than she could catch and stop them) she was showing people her pups to sell and 4 of my goats that were out managed to break through the front yard gate and get back in the front goat yard.
Apparently my 2 big boys Bubba and Beau - were big enough that the force of them hitting that gate broke the latch and opened it up for them and Heidi and Sedona to get back in- Spankie didn't make it-
He was brutally killed - throat ripped out and paritially disemboweled right inches from the now OPEN front yard gate. This gate leads into the front goat yard where my BabyGirl her family and all my old and favorite goats live, including the babies born yesterday morning and their momma and my special boy- and Rufus.
I thank God that Spankie died saving the lives of my other goats because had these dogs Not been busy killing him, I fear they would have followed the others right into the front goat yard and a huge dog attack massacre would have resulted. I'm numb, I'm exhausted from emotion and it was just a bad abd bad day.. Spunkie spent most of the night crying for her boy- as she was still nursing this boy and he was her pride and joy. It was pitiful to hear her cry for him.