Monday, December 17, 2007

Cafepress Goat T-shirt 48 Hour Sale-Goatitude Adjustment Tees

Goat T-shirt for goat lovers- goat Christmas Gift

Goat T-shirt for goat lovers- goat Christmas GiftHuge Savings for Last minute Goat Christmas gift giving!
Rock bottom pricing for this design - "You need a Goatitude™ Adjustment" T-shirts both the light goat t-shirt and the dark goat t-shirt.
Hurry because this sale is for 48 hours ONLY.
Starts Monday morning, Dec 17th at 8am central time and ends Wednesday morning. Dec 29 at 8am.

This cool goat t-shirt is perfect for the sarcastic goat owner who has a great sense of humor and needs to let others know in a nice way to get an attitude adjustment.. goat style..
The Light T-shirt is $17.99 and the dark t-shirt is $21.99- Save now..
Goat Humor tees for a 48 hour sale for cool Goat Christmas Gift giving.