Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cafepress : GetYerGoat Tropical Holiday Goat

If you're looking for something fresh for the Holidays- These Lavender Goat Ornaments may just be what you need- Use them for Christmas tree ornaments, Baby room mobiles, fan pulls, and window hangings, key fobs and more. These beautiful lavender Holiday Ornaments are a tropical delight. Branches of palm leaves , pastel gifts and a pretty pastel ornament enrich these Goat Portraits of All Breeds.
Alpine goat, Angora Goat, Boer Goat, Kiko Goat, LaMancha Goat, Mini Silky Goat, Myotonic Goat, Nigerian Dwarf Goat, Nubian Goat,Oberhasli Goat, Pygora Goat, Pygmy Goat, Saanen Goat, Toggenburg Goat, and Baby's First all on these pretty ornaments.
These can be used for Christmas, Birthdays, Hanukkah and just about anything in between.
Tropical Holiday Ornaments