Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cafepress GetYerGoat™ has Goat Valentines
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Happy New Year from GetYerGoat™!

We have Goat Valentine t-shirts and gifts ready for delivery!

With February Just around the corner- We have cute Goat Valentines for you and your lovers!
Goat Valentine Teddy Bears,Goat Valentine t-shirts for ladies - Goat Valentine t-shirts for men, Valentine gifts for teachers, Goat Valentines for kids and kids at heart.
If there is a Goat Valentine to be had, we have it!
It isn't too early to get your Valentine a Goat Valentine's Day gift - Goats with hearts, Pink hearts, red hearts, we even have a goat with cupid shooting his arrow-
If there is something you don't see and would like to, just let us know and we will be happy to design it, email us at GetYerGoat@Goat-
Happy Valentine's Day to all goat lovers out there!

    Our Goat Valentines and Top Selling Gifts:

  • New Mommy-My Valentine
    Valentine for New Mommy
    Without a doubt one of my Very favorite designs-This is a stylized watercolor of my BabyGirl and her new baby, Sabrina. (Sabrina is now a mom herself) But I couldn't resist painting a version of this Beautiful meeting of New Mom with her just born baby- framed in an abstract pink heart is the perfect Valentine gift for5 any New Mommy or Mommy-to-Be.
  • GOATS R My Obsession
    We have Valentines for Goat Lovers with a Goat Obsession. Valentine t-shirts for men and Valentine t-shirts and Gifts for women. Great Goat T-shirts for Teachers and Students too.
  • Goat- I Love You
    This whimsical Goat with pink hearts on the hip is just too cute. Great Goat Lovers Gifts for Valentine's Day
  • Cupid Shoots Goat
    Cupid Shoots this goat in the butt all in Pink is perfect for Valentine's Day gifts for women.
  • Goat Love Nubian Kids
    Romping Nubian kids with hearts all around - one goat in baby pink the other goat in baby blue. Choice of text color too. Perfect Valentine gift or Baby Shower gift.
  • GoatLove Heart
    Pink or Blue heart says Goat Love with 2 cute baby goats inside kissing. Sure to touch your heart making this the perfect Valentine or Baby Shower Gift.
  • Goat Sweetheart
    Tired of all that Pink on Valentine's Day? Here is a pretty Nubian doe with Lavender hearts and text for your stylish Valentine gift giving. Just right for your Sweetheart
  • Goat Valentine Schmalentine
    Valentine Schmalentine with our Attitude Boer Goat- The perfect gift for those Bah Valentine types.. Makes a Great Bachelor/New Groom gift too.Doesn't he look Boer'd with the whole idea?
  • Goat Ate Your Valentine
    For the Teacher-Red Hearts popping around this cute Kiko Billy goat who is holding up the Valentine in his mouth that You got for your teacher-
  • Goat-I Love You
    Kiko Buck Goat stands in a cloud of pretty red hearts. He is holding a Valentine for you in his mouth that says: I love You
  • Goat Candy Hearts
    Conversation Hearts with Goat sayings on them.(Like "I Kiss my Goats") This is a fun Valentine t-shirt design.
  • Sugar Old Lady Goat
    Hilarious- Old Wrinkled goat says: 'Give us a Little Sugar Sweetie'TOO Funny on Goat T-shirts and Gifts.
  • Chocolate Goat
    The chocolate lovers goat- Give me Chocolate!
  • My Funny Valentine
    You are my favorite work of art... Johnny Mathis Hit song featured as the sentiment on this very cute goat design.
    Another Favorite of Mine- An Abstract design of My Beloved Georgie and Boo-Boo when they were babies.
  • Jump the Couch
    You know you've done it- Who'da thought it would ever get a "name"? TomKat made this THE Cool Sentiment of 2005- Still popular in 2007!
  • Love Goats Candies
    'I love my Goats' spelled out in Candy Hearts.
  • I 'heart' my Goats
    Big Red Heart and the love of goats - Great Valentine Gift for just about anyone who loves goats! Cute Valentine T-shirt for girls.
  • Without a Doubt-Our Most Popular Gift Continues to be:
    The 2007 Goat Calendar and Goat Owner's Guide
    The Ultimate Goat Calendar! 2007 GoatPedia™
    Goat Owner's Guide & Calendar
    Introductory Price Only $24.99!
    This is without a doubt THE calendar to have if you own goats!
    When the year is finished you still have a Goat Owner's Guide to the most basic reference material we all seem to need to look up.
    Great for the barn because of it's HUGE size!
    Oversized date boxes providing plenty of room to write in important events.
    * * Each page Measure 17” x 11”, (Measures 17” x 22” when hung on wall)
    * * Full bleed dynamic color
    * * 100 lb cover weight high gloss paper, wire-o bound
    * * January 2007 – December 2007, 2008 preview, US holidays marked
    Each page has a quick reference gestation calendar for ease of dating your bred does. Each page has a "Goat Notes" section as well.
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    Happy New Year! from goatlady's barn to yours!
    www.GetYerGoat. com

We Love Feedback! Let us know who got the Goat Christmas Gifts you purchased. Let us know what you think of our designs. Let us know what you would like added to the collection! Email us at GetYerGoat@Goat-

Note:If you ordered The 2007 Goat Calendar and Goat Owner's Guide Between (Dec 22,2005 and Dec 23,2006)and will be recieving a Free It's All About the Goats Calendar Print - I need you to email me with your order number and mailing address Please so I can send them out when I hear back from the 15 customers who ordered within that timeframe- Thank You for shopping at GetYerGoat™!