Saturday, October 28, 2006

This Cafepress Shop will GetYerGoat™!

This Cafepress Shop will GetYerGoat™!

NO, I'm not kidding (kidding is what happens in the spring time when you raise goats)~
GetYerGoat™ Goat Lover's Gifts is a truly rewarding experience even if you don't have goats. The poor goat has, over the years, gotten a bad rap as a tin can eating, dirty, stupid animal that has less value than a broken down car. This is unfortunate because so many people miss the opportunity to know goats like I do. They are fastidious eaters, Very smart and extremely affectionate critters. My life has been that of a goat owner for the past 15 years and even though I come from the city (San Francisco Bay Area) I cannot imagine my life now without goats. And as far as being without value, I know most people don't realize there are many goats that cost over 1K to purchase~ let alone the cost of maintaining. WOW! Betcha didn't know that!
Well, my GetYerGoat Cafepress Shop is geared toward anyone who owns goats, shows goats or is just intrigued by the wonderment fo these fabulous creatures! We have goats for All Reasons and goats for All Seasons !
We have goats on mugs, goats on t-shirts, goats on just about everything you can put a goat on!

This is an item No Goat owner should be without!
The Ultimate Goat Calendar!
2007 GoatPedia™

If you don't already have this Calendar on your Christmas wish list- Make sure to send your sister, husband,wife or who ever shops for you - to get this great Goat Owner's Guide and Calendar-

This week was the release of our Goat Gift Tags for Christmas
These go nicely with our Goat Christmas and Goat Holiday greeting cards!
We have Goat t-shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness, for moms-to-be, just about everything you can imagine!
With over 5000 items from which to choose, Even someone who doesn't have goats will find something unique to give someone special for Christmas. What exactly IS my goal? To enlighten those who do not know goats and to provide for all goat owners a place to purchase goat related gifts and items that are impossible to find elsewhere. so..

GetYerGoat™ is campaigning to "Promote the Goat"!
iPod Parody "iGoat" Line is the Latest BUZZ at Cafepress
Hip Goat Lovers will Love this one!
It's pretty darn stylin' if you ask me. iPod taken over by Goats!

And don't Miss these:

Visit us and remember always to Promote the Goat™