Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Goat-Link Forum :: View topic - Anaphylactic Shock-What you NEED to know!

Goat-Link Forum :: View topic - Anaphylactic Shock-What you NEED to know!: "What exactly IS Anaphylactic Shock?
Written in most loving memory of my very first goat, GoaTee.

It is a sudden, severe allergic reaction involving the entire body.

If it is not treated immediately with injected adrenaline (epinephrine), which opens the airways and blood vessels .... the outcome can be deadly!

Anaphylaxis constricts or narrows the airways and the blood vessels, resulting in difficult breathing, rapid pulse, a fall in blood pressure, and even cardiovascular collapse, shock and then death.
Causing vessels to dilate rapidly, tissues that line the respiratory tract swell and obstruct the airway. Wheezing & dyspnea develop.
Fluid pours out of the tissues in reaction to the substance, causing an internal drowning effect. The bronchi constrict & shuts down air passages causing suffocation.

This all takes place in a literal matter of a very few minutes!

By the time you realize something is bad wrong.. it is nearly too late you need to act NOW and think later if you should see these signs directly after an injection!
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NOTE: Epinephrine is Now prescription medication, YOu will have to contact your veterinarian to obtain this - Do not be without it!