Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NashvilleGab - Nashville news and country music gossip: Fighting with the crazy goat lady across the road

 LOL Still not sure how I came across this but this story is cute, well written and it made me laugh, NO she was NOT  talking about me in particular, but I am sure some of you crazy goat ladies out there can identify. LOL Poor lady,  she doesn't realize how many of us are out there.

NashvilleGab - Nashville news and country music gossip: 
Fighting with the crazy goat lady across the road:


I live out in the country. Stepping outside on a hot and muggy summer's evening means the smell of the dairy farm that's about a mile away. The dairy farm doesn't bother me too much because you can't always smell it, just when the wind blows just right. The crazy goat lady across the road on the other hand drives me plum crazy.

She's batty. It actually started out with the batty old mom who lived there when we first moved in to our house. A couple of years ago the old lady and her husband both died. I was sad. Especially because I referred to her as the batty old goat lady."

Well then the kids moved in.  I assume they are kids of the original old couple but they could be nieces or nephews or aliens or whatever.  Well there is one woman who is always out and about with the goats that I can recognize from afar.  She's always out there chasing her goats or dragging them to the shed to be milked or whatever.  Oh yeah, she tends to wear fluorescent orange vests and rubber boots and a knitted stocking cap.  It helps me to identify her.  Then there are various other people who come and go.  I honestly don't know how many people live there and don't care.  Well it's this one lady with the rubber boots and glow-in-the-dark vest who I can recognize who is the new batty old goat lady.  Read more
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Note to Shannon:  I'm sorry you had to deal with the Crazy Goat Lady across the road,  I assure you.. we are all very similar.. in her defense I can offer she "may" have had a goat killed by dogs once and  now is a bit  overly cautious - I had a little goat killed  (torn up mercilessly) at my front gate by 4 rotts- in MY yard so I know how one can be more defensive  than usual. Most of us goat ladies  live our lives around our goats and a tremendous amount of money, time and effort goes into them - which does not give anyone the right to be mean or rude, but I can sort of see  how she is so crazy about dogs. I apologize for her but wanted you to know she is not alone in her  weirdness - she just happens to be YOUR neighbor .   :)  Thank you though for the smile and well written story.