Thursday, January 07, 2010

How NOT to Treat your Goats

Goat Owners out of Control!
I accidentally came across this video while looking for another and I am taking the opportunity to use it as a perfect example of how NOT to treat your goats (sorry it is at the expense of someone's video but Hey they put it out there so I will utilize it. ) I guess these people took medicating the goats as some sort of goat rodeo. I personally am not impressed other than to use it as a lesson on what NEVER to do with your goats. This is Not acceptable.
Now folks I am not anti-children or anti-dog but this video is a prime example of when to put the children up and make sure the dogs are not around to confuse the issue. I truly feel sorry for these goats if these people are the owners as they are up for years of a hectic - and while not exactly abusive but a fine line maybe in my opinion, life. I can well imagine the scenario if I were to try these tactics in my herd of a hundred. WOW. IMHO This situation was Completely Out of Control!

So lessons here?
  1. Make sure there are no out of control dogs in the vicinity while handling your goats
  2. Make sure there are no children making noises or running after goats
  3. DO NOT run after your goats in attempt to "catch " them
  4. NEVER EVER allow or worse ask your children to get on the back of a goat- the goat's spine is very delicate and will break easily. Goats are not small horses.
  5. Rather than chasing the goats, have an area small enough to have the goats in and CALMLY go in while they are eating , quietly handling them before giving them injections or other medical attention.
  6. One thing I noticed was the medication was white and the only white injectable I can think of is penicillin- the handler did Not draw back on the plunger before injecting - penicillin is one of the few medications that can be fatal if gotten into the blood stream, Always draw back before injecting to make sure you are not in a blood vessel.
  7. In this particular instance - dogs and goats do not mix and children and goats do not mix.

Maybe this guy needs this Goat Attitude T-shirt: