Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CrossOver Design of the Week: Original Art By Nan

Being of Sicilian decent I am drawn to beautiful art of Italy and Original Art by Nan has just that. This beautiful watercolor painting print is a perfect accent for any room in the house but I would expect to see it in a cobblestone floor Arizona room for the full flavor of this calming scene of Camogli, Italy. Camogli is a quiet little town in a bay of the Ligurian Sea in northern Italy. It's old world charm draws you in and beckons you to stay. One of Europe's treasures. From an original watercolor by Nan.

As I traveled through Nan's shop I found more lovely pieces of art on a variety of products and merchandise suitable for any gift giving opportunity. Topics for her merchandise include humor, Breast cancer awareness items, sports , nature and flowers from the garden. Who would think putting radishes on a shirt would ever be appealing? But when you look at Nan's artwork, you will see that not only is it appealing, but striking and very unique. Visit Nan's shop to find more treasures of her artwork, there is something there for every age and every lifestyle.

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