Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tragic Fire Destroys Home of Charlie Smith and Family on December 25th 2008

Tragic Fire Destroys Home of Charlie Smith and Family on December 25th 2008

A Chance to Pay it Forward

In the wee hours of the morning on Christmas Day (luckily while the family was still visiting for Christmas Eve)
suspected that some person or persons started a fire under the single wide trailer and home of my neighbor.

At 3:12 am Christmas eve, (technically Christmas Morning) I was awakened by a neighbor letting me know there was a fire here- Within less than 20 minutes, the entire single wide was engulfed in flames and burned literally to the ground. In the trailer, was a pair of Dachshunds and 6 puppies. Two of the puppies were going to be Christmas morning presents for the kids who lived away from home. The dogs and puppies all perished in the fire.

I don't have to tell you how devastating this all is- I have never seen a trailer burn and I pray I never see another one burn, It was horrid. I spent Christmas day with Charlie at the ruble that used to be his home - mostly looking at it and picking through small unscathed pieces of what was his life. Everything he owned was in that house. I cannot tell you how sad it all was- Charlie was laid off 3 months ago and the jobs here in MO are far and few between so he was already struggling financially as many of us are- But now this.
He did find the remains of the two adult dogs and 3 of the puppies. I think this is what crushed him the most as you can well imagine.

He had no insurance on his home as most of us here do not. What I am asking is that if you have a few dollars you can spare to send a check or money order to him and his wife to help them in this time of need and maybe a short note of uplifting words? He is a nice man and has always helped me any time I have needed help- he is quiet and pretty much stays to himself and asks very little from anyone. If enough people can send even $10 to his family this will help him greatly.
A note of encouragement not to give up may also be appreciated!

If you can donate a few dollars:

You can make the check or money order out to :

Angela Smith

And send them to:

Angela Smith

PO Box 113

Valles Mines, MO 63087

My Neighbor's house burned down, Christmas Morning Early 3am 2008- suspected Arson Photos-

This is a Plea for Help for my neighbor- a humanitarian gesture of goodwill for another human being that you do not know, you will probably never meet but needs your help. Thank you for anything you can send or do for Charlie and his family ....goatlady
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