Monday, July 14, 2008

Cafepress Jr Jersey Liquidation Sale! Buy Goat Gifts Now!

! Jr. Jersey Liquidation Sale !

$4 off ALL Jr. Jersey T-Shirts

# Coupon code: 4JRJERSEY

# Sale starts: Monday, July 14, 2008

# Expiration: While supplies last*

This is for all goat designs in the GetYerGoat Goat Lover's T-shirt Shop
If you were looking for  something  goatie this summer,  now is the time to save some money!
Sale Starts Monday July 14th! Goat Care Articles
GetYerGoat  Goat Lover's Gift Shop

Looking for something Other than Goats? We have found a pretty cool cafepress shop with great Bay area and funny t-shirts - including political t-shirts, maternity tees, ecology t-shirts,patriotic T-shirts, camping t-shirts and more- Find them at one of Our favorite non-goats shops- UTeezSF. The Jr Jersey Sale is Cafepress Wide- so Go Shop Buy and SAVE!