Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ceramic Pet Bowls for Goats Cafepress New Product

NEW! Ceramic Goat Pet Bowls

Let your Goats Eat in Style
at the Goat Shows and Fairs!

These are SO very cool- Goat Pet Bowls for the Stylish Goat! Great for Gift giving and for that Special Goat- Perfect for the Herd Queen at the Goat Shows and Fairs.
Ceramic Goat Pet Bowls for YOUR Pampered Goat! Two sizes available for 28oz or 40oz appetites. Goat Pet Bowls for Show Goats, Gifts for Goat Lovers too.
Great for Shows, Better for gifts, Special Goats deserve Special Bowls.
Contact me at if you want Your Goat's Name with Hoof Print Design. I will personalize free for your special goat!