Sunday, April 13, 2008

Laminitis in Goats

When most people think of laminitis or founder, they are reminded of overindulged ponies or horses. Although it is mainly an equine problem, goats are susceptible to founder as well. Goat owners need to be aware of the serious risks involved.

Although no one knows exactly why laminitis occurs there are several situations that predispose a goat to laminitis. It can occur following severe bacterial infections or as a result of diet. For example, if the goat consumes excessive levels of highly fermentable feed, possibly causing acidosis, or when it is fed heavy concentrate rations. Laminitis has also been noted as a complication to many other diseases (most associated with kidding) such as mastitis, metritis (uterine infection), retained placenta, enterotoxemia or even pneumonia.
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