Monday, March 24, 2008

Affordable Custom Goat Show Banners

24 hour sale an HUGE savings for Blogger readers!
3:30pm Monday April 24 to 3:30pm April 25, Tuesday (Central time)
Order a Custom Goat Show Banner for $50.00
Email Me

You need to send me:

  • Your Herd Name
  • Breed/Breeds of Goats
  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Phone or email
  • Your Website URL (or email if you sent your phone number above or both if you like)
  • The Goat Associations you belong to and choice of center or left side placement for this
  • 3 lines of any additional business information, testing results, services offered or products offered
  • Camera ready artwork of either a goat photo or logo(see below for instructions)
  • You can send 2 photos or photo and logo if you choose the center placement for your association list
  • Tell me what colors you want for the background and text - if you have the RGB color hex number great if not just tell me the colors
  • Tell me rounded or Sharp corners
Makes the perfect stall sign for your goat shows and fair display.