Friday, February 08, 2008

Goats and Politics for Fun 24 hour Sale

Political Goat T-shirtElection 2008 doesn't have to be so serious!

Looking for something light hearted and fun while the Political Race continues? We have Goat Politics on T-shirts and Buttons at GetYerGoat Goat Gifts and because you are a GetYerGoat Blog reader we are offering 2 of these cool political Goat Gifts at a HUGE savings for 24 hours ONLY!
Goat Political Button
We have the political gear especially for goat lovers! Goat Political T-shirts, Political Buttons and more.

Grab this cool Vote Capritarian political propaganda button for only $3.49 or this women's white t-shirt for a Low Low price of $18.99. This Bloggers special sale is a 24 hour sale only ending tomorrow Saturday Feb 9,2008 sometime in the afternoon. These funny goat politics on t-shirts and gifts are just the thing you need to curb anyone asking you which candidate you are voting for or which political party you belong to- This way you can be goat funny and at the same time not have to divulge which party you are voting for (If you are one of those who like to keep it private) - Have fun. Vote Goat and wear Goat Political Gear! Thank yo for reading our GetYerGoat Blog and visit often, you never know when there might be a 24 hour special sale and you don't want to miss out on huge goat gift savings!