Friday, January 04, 2008

17 Goats killed in Barn Fire

I just got this in my email and once again.. Please let me remind ALL goat owners
Do NOT close your goats inside a locked or closed door barn.. KEEP A DOOR OPEN AND DO NOT PLACE THEM IN CLOSED STALLS WITHIN THE BARNS..... you are far better off to have slightly cold goats than burned goats if there is any power source whatsoever going to your barn. This is a horrifying story and I get these time and time again during the kidding season and cold months.. Please folks- leave your barns OPEN..
If you would like to help these people out there is contact information at the end of the forwarded post.. below-
Sending prayers to the folks who lost their beloved goats.. 17 goats lost in this horrid barn fire..

GetYerGoat™ Goat Gifts will donate 5% of ALL Sales for the month of January to this family- so if you need to get some goat t-shirts, goat calendars or goat gifts for someone or yourself- buy them in January.

Sales are tallied at the end of the month, which is when I will contact Denise for donation sending information so that I may send her the money I have accrued for this cause.

thanks goatlady

Original Post follows:

> Denise Van Stone and her daughters suffered a devasting barn fire
> this past weekend. It was due to OLD wiring in her barn, the barn
> itself was approx 90 or so years old. Her daughters lost all of
> their 4-H projects in the fire along with all the equipment we all
> take for granted.
> If anyone can help out in donating items or even animals I have
> enclosed her list of what was lost.
> Her daughters had dairy goats and boer goats.
> She said she has lost all buckets, iodine, syringes, collars, towels,
> elastorators and bands etc.
> Animals lost were:
> 8 december boer wethers for market goat projects
> 2 bred percentage boer does
> 3 Alpine/Lamancha cross dairy does-bred
> 2 bred purebred boer does
> 2 very nice Iron Owl does
> If you have anything that these girls could use, it would be very
> much appreciated. The insurance will take sometime to get things
> taken care of.
> They are also talking of doing fund raisers to help with some of the
> loss.
> You can either email or call Denise at 208-221-9555.
> Thanks!!