Monday, February 20, 2006

Trying to Please All of the People All of the Time

Ok, SO I have decided this blog needs to please everyone. ;)
Even though this is sometimes difficult for me to remember, Not Everyone has had contact with goats. Poor Souls!

What I am going to do is to post some things for those of you who want (or need) to learn more on goat care- and at the same time not to abandon those who are non-goat driven.

Nothing would please me more than to be able to educate people on goats who honestly do not have a clue about them, other than the bad rap they have heard over the years. (I know you fellow goat owners will agree that people need to understand how wonderful the goat is).

I am going to implement a Q&A section for those who need to ask questions-so bear with me for a bit till I figure out how I want to do it.

In the meantime:

Goat Owner NOT-bie's:
I could not imagine my life without goats, to hear their voices when I wake in the morning, to check out the window and see them in the yard. I wasn't always owned by goats- I was once a city girl, born and raised in the SF Bay area driving a limo for a living when I left to become a goat rancher. I have always been an animal lover-toy poodles my choice of pet. In 1990, my husband and I left the Bay Area and moved to AZ- soon to begin our life with goats-never to look back. So if you are thinking, It can't happne to me, I live in the city and I will never ever understand goats nor will I ever want to have them own me- NOT necessarily true. You never know where your life may lead. Had you told me in 1989 I would be living in AZ with a bunch of goats I would have laughed at you. So before you make hasty judgements, if you are meant to have the honor of being a goatherd- you will find yourself there quite by accident. ;)

Goat Owner Noobies:
For those of you just beginning, there is SO much to learn, and I am still learning after all these years. Raising goats is much like raising children- only better ! ;) Not to step on toes, but goats are awfully cute and SMART!
They can be housebroken, they are just as smart as a dog, they have alot of personality and NO they do not eat ANYTHING. They are very picky eaters.. Tin cans are not a choice of diet for them.
Basic rules are:
1. Never feed a goat moldy feed, it will kill them
2. Goats need good fencing, not all are jumpers but some will go through holes and under poor fencing.
3. Never get just one goat, they are a social animal and need at least one more of their kind to hang with.
4. Goats need shelter , fresh water and good feed, just like any other pet you would take in and care for.
5. Goats are very affectionate.
6. Goat horns are not any more dangerous than no goat horns, you just have to watch where You are putting your face (While leaning down to kiss them -Yes I kiss my goats- they may look up to see what you are doing and accidently get you with a horn.
7. Goats are not naturally mean, IF you have a mean goat it is because someone made it that way by teasing it or worse. :(

Goat Owner Are-bie's
Kidding season is in full swing for many of you. Deworming is crucial now, the day after she kids deworm your does.

Sue Reith of Carmelita Toggs writes this Very informative article:

Question: When you worm and need to re-worm, is it, 7 days later, 10 days later, 2 weeks, or 3 weeks? Or does it depend on what type of worms?

With few exceptions, the period of time it takes from the time a worm egg is laid, goes thru the larval stage, turns into an adult and starts laying eggs of its own is 14 days. If you check the packaging instructions on any wormer it will note that the wormer only kills off the ADULT worms. (A few wormers will note that it also kills off '4th stage larvae' but that's because the 4th stage is only a day from becoming an adult and the wormer will still wipe it out the next day when it becomes one).

So that leaves both eggs and larvae in the goat's system when the adults are wiped out by the wormer. In warmer climates with heavy worm infestations, where 'resistance' is often blamed for worm eggs being found still present in the fecal sample a month later, it's not the original worms that are showing up, but instead it's actually the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of those original worms that most certainly were wiped out by the first worming the month before. Read the rest of Sue's Article

Happy Kidding,
Till next time