Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy New Year!

So many things have been happening at Get Yer Goat™!
Get Yer Goat™ is my cafepress shop, where I create the designs
and the professionals at cafepress create the products for the customers on demand.

The holidays were good for me and each day I have added more designs.
Get Yer Goat™ is the largest goat gift shop ever! With over 2500 products.

I have already started on my Valentine's Day designs, including one very special design called "MY Funny Valentine" and another very popular design called "Jump the Couch" - Both of which are goatie designs. My Jump the Couch design somehow got noticed by Wikipedia and has been linked from there!

A new promotion guru opened up a shopkeepers website Cafe Talent to promote some of the best of cafepress, and he has featured Get Yer Goat™ on his website and has it listed as Cafe Talent's favorite shop!!! AND the first week's featured shop!

If you haven't yet visited Get Yer Goat™, I welcome yo to visit- I think you will like it.

Right now, Cafepress is having a BlowOut Sale: DEC 28 to JAN 9
$5.00 Off tracksuits, sweatshirts and hoodies - coupon code is BIG5
$4.00 off greeting cards and calendars- coupon code is BIG4
$2.00 off ornaments- coupon code is BIG2

It isn't too late for getting your 2006 Calendars!
Buy before January 9, 2006 and SAVE!
Calendars are now $15.99 until January 9th, 2006!

These beautiful goat portraits are suitable for framing when you're finished with your calendar.

Goat Breeds Included:

* January-Alpine
* February-Angora
* March-Boer
* April-Fainter
* May-LaMancha
* June-Nigerian
* July-Nubian
* August-Oberhasli
* September-Pygmy
* October-Pygora
* November-Saanen
* December-Toggenburg

Visit: Get Yer Goat™

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